Best practice for common fields?

Scenario: I have multiple models representing different page “types”. E.g. home, blog_landing, blog_post, etc. Each model should have some common fields including page title, key (cross between a slug and an S3 bucket key), SEO, display_title, etc.

What would be the best practice way to handle this?

  1. Manually create the same fields in each model
  2. Create a module content block and add that to each model?

The part I am getting hung up on is that the module content block has to be created inside an existing model the first time. Yes, it can be referenced in other models later but I am concerned that it may somehow be bound to that very first content type. IMHO the content block should be created outside of any existing model and then linked in as required.


hey @troy.forster welcome to Community! :slight_smile:

Personally I would manually create the same fields in each model. It’s a job you do only once and then fetching the information in much easier. And then you can better customise the models without affecting the other models.

But that’s a personal preference :slight_smile: