AWS S3 and Imgix integration

Hello Good day,

I am trying to integrate aws s3 to datocms, by following this guide Custom AWS S3 storage - DatoCMS. But for example I created a folder in s3 bucket cause I want my url to have a prefix like host so my url now is My question is, how can I tell to datocms to upload all the assets in that folder?

Don’t worry about that! Once you’ve followed the guide, just contact us and we’ll setup the URL structure you prefer :smiley:

Sorry for the typo, i have a photos folder for example in my s3 bucket and i want datocms to transfer all the assets under the photos folder. Do i need to setup anything? or just an email about it?

Im just thinking that datocms might transfer it in the root of s3 bucket and not in the specified folder.

Thank you @s.verna