Audio icon looks broken in editor's block preview


We setup a block for an audio player – it works fine, but displays a ‘broken/missing image’ icon in the editor view. Is this a bug &/or can you recommend a way to add a default audio icon for audio files?

Hello @kwebbink can you send us the URL of the record (at so we can see what image inside the block is causing that broken preview?
Thank you!

Just to close this topic, we followed up on email and shipped a fix to the dashboard, now you should be able to see the audio icon on the collapsed block :slight_smile:

Thank you once again for the feedback!

Thanks @m.finamor !

& sorry to potentially re-open, but in case it’s related:

Text-previews seem to have disappeared from collapsed-blocks – mainly for blocks with only text (no image/media) – e.g. our ‘Text, Single Column’ block:

& inspect-view if it helps:

We noticed it soon after the audio-icon was fixed earlier in July, but if it’s unrelated, all ears & I’ll follow up separately


Hey @kwebbink

No problem at all!
Could you share with us the schema of that block that has no preview?
A screenshot with the field type (and order of those fields) inside of the block definition, so we can try and reproduce the issue on our end

Thank you!

Sure thing – here’s a screenshot of our preview-less text_single_column block:

& the schema in json if this helps:

{'data': {'id': '654834', 'type': 'item_type', 'attributes': {'name': 'Text, Single Column', 'singleton': False, 'sortable': False, 'api_key': 'text_single_column', 'ordering_direction': None, 'ordering_meta': None, 'tree': False, 'modular_block': True, 'draft_mode_active': False, 'all_locales_required': True, 'collection_appeareance': 'table', 'collection_appearance': 'table', 'has_singleton_item': False, 'hint': '\nA single column of rich text, positioned in the middle.', 'inverse_relationships_enabled': False}, 'relationships': {'fields': {'data': [{'id': '3369161', 'type': 'field'}, {'id': '10559547', 'type': 'field'}]}, 'fieldsets': {'data': []}, 'singleton_item': {'data': None}, 'ordering_field': {'data': None}, 'title_field': {'data': None}, 'image_preview_field': {'data': None}, 'excerpt_field': {'data': None}, 'workflow': {'data': None}}, 'meta': {'has_singleton_item': False}}, 'included': [{'id': '3369161', 'type': 'field', 'attributes': {'label': 'Text', 'field_type': 'text', 'api_key': 'text', 'hint': None, 'localized': False, 'validators': {'required': {}}, 'position': 1, 'appearance': {'addons': [], 'editor': '39094', 'parameters': {}, 'type': '39094'}, 'appeareance': {'addons': [], 'editor': '39094', 'parameters': {}, 'type': '39094'}, 'default_value': ''}, 'relationships': {'item_type': {'data': {'id': '654834', 'type': 'item_type'}}, 'fieldset': {'data': None}}}, {'id': '10559547', 'type': 'field', 'attributes': {'label': 'Class', 'field_type': 'string', 'api_key': 'class', 'hint': None, 'localized': False, 'validators': {'enum': {'values': ['text-with-note']}}, 'position': 2, 'appearance': {'addons': [], 'editor': 'single_line', 'parameters': {'heading': False}}, 'appeareance': {'addons': [], 'editor': 'single_line', 'parameters': {'heading': False}}, 'default_value': ''}, 'relationships': {'item_type': {'data': {'id': '654834', 'type': 'item_type'}}, 'fieldset': {'data': None}}}]}

Many thanks!

Hello @kwebbink

It seems that this is happening due to the plugin applied to the text field:

If you re-order and put class above text, or remove the plugin from the text field, you should be able to see the preview as expected

Hi @m.finamor

Much appreciated – We’re aiming to switch out the ToastUI plug-in in the near future, and will give the field re-ordering suggestion a try in the meantime.

Thanks very much again for your help!

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Hi again @m.finamor,

We switched from the ToastUI plug-in, and are now using the HTML editor, but still can’t see previews for text_single_column & similar blocks.

Re-ordering the ‘class’ field above ‘text’ does make the ‘class’ field’s value appear in the preview, but editors need a preview of the ‘text’ instead (which still doesn’t display after reverting the order)

If you’re able to take another look, do you have any other suggestions?

Many thanks,

Hello @kwebbink I see, in this case, can you send us the URL of one of the records where that preview is not being correctly shown at so we can take a closer look at what could be happening? Thank you!

Hello once again @kwebbink

Thank you for the email!
Taking a closer look I was able to individuate the issue, and its due to this behaviour:

We always prioritise “Single line string” fields as titles for blocks, over multi line strings. The “class” field inside your block is a single line string, and the one above it is a multi line string, so the “class” field will always be the title for this block.

I see how being able to select a title field manually for blocks could be helpful in this case, could you perhaps open a feature request for this so we can track it?

Many thanks for the explanation @m.finamor – That helps

Here’s a feature request, and all ears if other suggestions come up.

@m.finamor Hello! I see that this is marked as solved, but for me, I still would like to see a preview of text in the Text, Single column block. As a web editor, aving this feature makes it so much easier to edit pages, especially more complicated pages with multiple text, single column blocks. I have been missing this feature since it disappeared months ago. Thank you.