Asset upload stuck

I have run into a problem where after uploading a video asset, it is stuck on “waiting for asset upload” even though i can view the video in the Media Area. I cannot save changes to the record. Any reason this isnt working?

hi @dev8 how big is the video? Also, can you send us the video (or a link to it) to We will try to reproduce the issue. Remember to specify your project URL too!

I believe that setting the metadata in the Media Area before adding it to a record avoided the bug. The video was only 40 MB. Grazie Fabri @faber

@dev8 I suppose MUX was still encoding the video (or their queue was pretty loaded at that time).

That’s why you were not able to see the video image placeholder and the button showed a spinning wheel.

Loading the video in the media area first was definetly a smart move :slight_smile: