Assessing DatoCMS.... whats the best way to handle memberships for gated content?

Hi I’m looking into DatoCMS for our clients. I’m wondering what the best practice approach is for handling member accounts, for example, to allow users to register, login and access specific gated content. Do we need to integrate with some third party system or are there any plans to add member accounts (of website users rather than content editors)?

Hi @marc1,

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Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but we unfortunately don’t have anything like that built-in. It could be a feature request, but it would be a major undertaking and not likely something we’d add unless a lot of customers ask for it.

If you can integrate it with some third-party system via the frontend, that would probably be the best course of action. If you’re using Next, for example, it could be

Personally, I wouldn’t store any auth information like that in DatoCMS, just editorial content.

Your use case is perfectly valid and understandable, and I’m sorry we don’t have better support for it. I hope you find something!

Thanks Roger, I understand. I see also point people towards for a hosted solution which could be good.

It would be interesting to hear from others on how they approach this. We’re just moving into headless from a more monolithic CMS approach so keen to understand various approaches and best practices.

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