Ascending order search results

Within Models > My Model > Settings, I have set the ordering of the content to be in Ascending by a particular field. It works when viewing the content but as soon as I search, the results are returned in a different order (I believe it’s by the latest edited/added). Since I have set it to be ordered alphabetically by name, shouldn’t that still apply within search results.

This is a screenshot of my settings, followed by a screenshot of the records (correctly) ordered by name, followed by a screenshot of the records search results, no longer ordered by name (incorrect - bug):

Hi Lara, and welcome to the forums!

If you change the model to display its results in a Tabular view instead of Compact, you will be able to sort the search results. Like this:

  1. Schema → Find your model → Edit Model

  2. Settings → Records collection visualization mode → Tabular

  3. Back in the Content view, you can now click a column header to sort by it

  4. If you don’t see the column you want to sort by, just enable it first using the gear icon

    Then you can sort by it: