ApiException: 422 INVALID_FORMAT on Uploads

I am running a script to import some of the images from our legacy CMS onto datoCMS. In the process I am also adding few customData, alt, title to those uploads.
I was able to tun the script successfully earlier but since an hour or so I am continuously getting an error when I try to add customData for locales.

Import script snippet:

    const response = await datoClient.uploadFile(url, {
      defaultFieldMetadata: {
       en: {alt: '', title: '', customData: {}},
       de: {alt: '', title: '', customData: {}},

I keep getting this error and as a result I am unable to upload any assets.

ApiException: 422 INVALID_FORMAT (details: {"messages":["#/data/attributes/default_field_metadata: failed schema #/definitions/upload/links/0/schema/properties/data/properties/attributes/properties/default_field_metadata: \"de\", \"en\", \"es\", \"fr\", \"it\", \"pt\" are not permitted keys.","#/data/attributes/default_field_metadata: failed schema #/definitions/upload/links/0/schema/properties/data/properties/attributes/properties/default_field_metadata: \"alt\", \"custom_data\", \"focal_point\", \"title\" weren't supplied."]})

Is there something wrong that I am doing?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Looks like the API itself had an issue. This seems to be solved now :slight_smile:

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