API explorer permission without giving access to api tokens


Is it possible to grant access to users to see the API explorer without giving them access to create and delete API tokens?

What means with the full-access API tokens? Probably nothing that I wanna share if not absolutely necessary.

We tried to get around this using the CDA explorer but that did not allow us to use environments due to that the CDA explorer always just pointed towards the main environment.

Thank you in advance!

Hello @Dan

Unfortunately for now those permissions are merged, so to give access to the API explorer tab to a role you have to give them permission to interact with the API tokens.
It is an ongoing feature request and we’re considering how we would approach the splitting of this (and several other) permissions on the role area, but for now, as you said, they are linked

Do you have it on your roadmap? This could potentially be a show stopper for us due to GDPR reasons. Is it possible to somehow allow the CDA explorer to change to a development environment?

Yes, but we still don’t have an ETA for it unfortunately, so i can’t really give you a date, or specifics of how we would go about doing so, by adding the environment option on the viewer, or by splitting the permission (or both). But we will definitely add a way to do so.

I see, thank you!