Api don't show value unpublish after set

When I have a record to which I set the date to change the status to not published, it is not visible (_unpublishingScheduledAt is undefined) when I retrieve this data from GraphqGL (Content Delivery API), unless I change some more fields and save these changes and then publish. Then the “_unpublishingScheduledAt” value is also immediately visible.

In the “API Explorer” the date changes are immediately visible. However, I noticed that requests coming out of “API Explorer” have additional headers that are not possible to set for Content Delivery API (request return error).

Hello @andrzej.pacholik very sorry for the delay, your message slipped through :frowning:

If you are getting the right result in the API explorer, then it means that our APIs are updated. From the explorer we run through the same API that you can query, so if you are getting something different in your code there might be some caching on your end?

Not sure if I’ve understood correctly your message?