API Calls (per month)

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I’m confused about API Calls (per month) vs Traffic (per month). Assuming I’ve deployed my website on Netlify, does this mean that every time the user accesses my website the “API calls (per month)” value will increase? Or does it only increase during development? Will “Traffic (per month)” increase as well?

What is the difference between the two?

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Hello @stefanounlayao welcome to Community!

So if you are building a static site your API calls should happen only during development and when you change content. Using the CMS and fetching content from third parties consumes API calls. Every call to our API servers count against this.

For traffic instead we count both API traffic and assets transfer. Depending on how you deploy your site you might consume asset transfer also when the site is deployed on Netlify.

Let me know if you need any additional information!


Hi Matteo,

Thank you for the information.
So just to clarify, I’m creating a static website using GatsbyJS right now, which is being deployed on Netlify.
During development, the API calls (per month) increases, but will it also increase when it is already deployed? Or only Traffic (per month) increases during deployment? Or both?

Thank you.

once it’s deployed on Netlify only data traffic for assets will be used. API calls should not be used when it’s live and you are not editing content.