Any pitfalls with a project transfer?

Hi, I am new to DatoCMS and would like to know if there are any pitfalls in terms of transferring a project to a new account? I don’t see much here…

The production environment (built using Next.js) is pointing to the NEXT_PUBLIC_API_BASE: as per the documentation, but I would like to be absolutely certain that nothing breaks, when the project is transferred from the old agency account to a new account. Will the NEXT_PUBLIC_API_TOKEN change or is there anything else we would need to look into? And if there are such changes we would need to make, will the old setup work for a limited time?

Hello @online and welcome to the communtiy!

The request endpoints, and the API tokens stay the same, independent of the transfer, so you don’t have to worry about that when transferring the ownership of a project
One thing to lookout for, is to see if the account you are transferring the project to has a plan that can support the limits of the project you are transferring (as an example: you can’t transfer a project that is over the limits of a professional plan to an account with a free developer plan)

Great. Thank you for a quick reply :slight_smile:

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