[Announcement] Forum category cleanup (Your posts have been moved to Support)

Hi all,

To better track your requests, we’ve reorganized this forum into just three categories: Support, Feature Requests, and Community.

Old posts have been moved to Support and relabeled with tags similar to their previous categories.

Our goal was just to provide a simpler, cleaner experience here. Most posts were support requests, and having them split across more than a dozen subcategories made tracking unnecessarily difficult. These simplified groupings will hopefully help!

Thanks for being a part of the Dato community! :heart:

As a reminder, there are several ways you can reach DatoCMS for support:

  1. For urgent inquiries (or if you simply prefer email), you can always reach us at support@datocms.com. This is monitored by multiple staff members throughout the week. Customers on a Pro or Enterprise plan get prioritized responses.

  2. For non-time-sensitive questions, these forums are great. They’re especially good for complex questions that require back-and-forth code snippets, screenshots, etc. The Discourse formatting here can make conversations easier to read vs email.

    • Dato support staff regularly monitor the forums, and we try to answer Support posts within 1-3 business days. Everyone is welcome to post here, and it’s generally first-come-first-serve, except simpler questions may get a quicker reply, while more complex situations take more investigation.
    • Feature Requests are all read, but we may not be able to individually reply to each one. They are generally chosen for implementation based on their number of votes.
  3. We also offer a community Slack channel, but this isn’t as active as our other channels. We generally recommend one of the above (email or forum), but the Slack can occasionally be useful if you just have a simple question and want a quick reply.