Allow User to add Youtube Video


I was recently following a tutorial on DATOCms with Gatsby, and am now able to source Data from the CMS. The tutorial did not cover external videos though. My client want the option to add youtube videos.

So, I am creating a content block, add a media field (external video) which I then specify as a allowed field in my ‘Grid column’ block – am I missing a step here?
I am able to use the created video block in the content editor, but when I return to my localhost window I see this error: ‘Don’t know how to render a node with type “undefined”. Please specify a custom renderRule for it!’ - also I cannot query for it in graphiQl (__typename returns nothing)

Thank you in advance!!

Hello @hannazrosenfeld and welcome to the community!

As you mentioned the field external video field is the one to go to reference an youtube video inside the record.
It seems like if you added that field to a block, and added that block to a record, linked a video and published the record, you should be able to query it normally. Can you send the project details over to so we can take a closer look at it and see if you missed any steps?

Thank you!