Add YouTube Videos Without Cookies not working

Hi guys,

I am trying to implement youtube videos without cookies as now it is supported (like I saw in another support request – Request where Dato support told that it supports no-cookie youtube videos But it is not working just by getting the youtube URL with no-cookies prefix. Is there any special step that I need to follow for this works? Today I can add the video on Dato but when I deploy it and try to play the video, it does not work. I see a picture like this:

I appreciate the help!


Hello @cyntia.santos, we just identified an issue, sorry about that! In the mean-time you can still use embedded video URLs: Screen Recording 2022-11-14 at 17.03.34

@cyntia.santos we just shipped a fix for this, now it should work once again :slight_smile:

Thank you for letting us know!

It is still not working for me… I did exactly as you showed in record, I did a hard refresh on navigator but still not working… :cry:

@cyntia.santos can you send us the link are trying to add so we can try it on our end?

Sure, the link is:

@cyntia.santos , i just tested it on a local project, and it seemed to work as expected: Screen Recording 2022-11-15 at 14.33.25

If you still have this issue after cleaning the cache of your browser, and attempting to login and do the same on a different browser (like firefox, safari,…) still doesn’t work, send us your record link at so we can try to do the same on your exact record to see if we can find any issues there

It worked now! Thank you so much!! :smile: