Add another locale


I’ve created a record with english values. But now I want to add Norwegian values to it. This doesn’t seem possible. I get an error code “invalid_locales”.
Does this mean that I have to create the “Norwegian record” as well when I create the english record?


Hello @joel.Mohlin , are you trying to add those values through an API request? If so, can you send us the portion of that request where you are trying to add those values?
If you are trying to do it through the dashboard and getting that error, can you send us a screen recording of how you are doing it?

Thank you!


Here’s a picture. :slight_smile:

Tell me if you want something more.


@joel.Mohlin it seems like you are getting this error because you are trying to add an english value for a record without an english locale. Before running that call you’d have to add the english locale as such:

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Is it possible to add it with the API?



However to add it you have to make sure to pass a value to all of the others localised fields with the new locale key as well in the HTTP request, even if the value is null, to keep locale-coherence across all fields

So all other fields in that model that are marked as localised will have to receive the value of:

"en": null

In your case

Thanks a lot for the help! Worked. :slight_smile: