Add all locales with one click

To save some time when adding data, it would be good to have option to add all locales at once (with Copy from main locale option).

I am bumping this feature request up if it can be added quickly. Would save a lot of time…

hey @primoz.rome we have recently changed the interface so that you can simply click on all the locales that you want to add and the dropdown doesn’t close.

We were a bit against adding all the locales as we thought it could be harmful if you have a couple required fields. As if you do, now you need to fill all the locales before saving, which could lead in potential substantial data loss if you don’t finish and you leave the record midway.

Adding manually all the locales felt safer, and leaving the dropdown open should be quite fast?

What do you think?

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@mat_jack1 this sounds perfect, I totally agree… I still have the same UIX behaviour when adding languages. Is the change still to be deployed?

looks like there has been a regression when we added the feature to copy the content from the main locale, we are going to take a look and get back to you, sorry!

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Should be fixed now! Thanks for reporting!

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Works and helps too. Makes things a bit faster and more convenient. Thanks a lot for attending this.

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Nice update guys :heart_eyes:!

Available on my work colleague’s account but not on my… I guess I have been nagging to much :rofl:

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@primoz.rome A cache clean may be needed to see the updates :sweat_smile:
Let us know if it works!

Working :wink:

One question. Why is “Select all” locales checkbox available only after at least one locale is selected?

Not available…



Seems like a glitch :smiley: I’ll report this to the team. Thanks!

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It’s just to avoid too bloat on the interface before it’s needed :slight_smile:

But adds an additional unnecessary click :innocent:

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hey @primoz.rome, yes, I agree with you on the extra click, but that happens only if you need to add more than one locale :slight_smile:

While I appreciate a lot your feedback, and I hope you agree that we have listened to a lot of them, this one is not significant enough to justify the change. We like the reduced noise on the interface for everyone, as the usual use case is to add one locale at the time.

Thank you anyway for this, it’s very appreciated on our end and we value it a lot!

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Sure @mat_jack1, it is understandable.