Access to webhook activity logs

How do I get back to previously visible records in the “webhooks activity log”?

If I go to that screen in the web UI shortly after a webhook fires, I can see the log entry with details for the webhook. But if I come back to that screen later (maybe a day or more later?), there are no logs visible.

I should be able to access those logs for some reasonable period of time - maybe 30 days or something like that. So how can I access them?

Thank you.

Hello @donnie.hale

You can check this through this API call right here: List all webhooks calls - Webhook call - Content Management API

I’m looking at the HTTP example and trying to determine how to pass the page object in so I can specify the offset and limit. @m.finamor can you provide an example?

My ultimate goal is to persist these logs in our own system. I cannot use javascript here. We are often seeing more than 30 webhooks per second, which makes the UI useless for identifying failed webhooks.

derp, page[limit] and page[offset]

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Hi @keithf, welcome to the forum, and sorry I totally missed your earlier question! It was at the bottom of an old thread and I just completely missed it. Sorry about that, and glad you solved it on your own :slight_smile:

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