Access child element in nested query

Hello Roger / Support,

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I’ve been working away in Dato CMS the last few Weeks and its awesome but I’ve just hit a problem when building a Navigation component.

I’m using a switch statement to access the parent element which has its own ‘_modelApiKey’ which is ‘menu_dropdown’.

This is fine but how do I access the child element? The child element has a different ‘_modelApiKey’ which is ‘menu_item’.

I’ve tried creating a separate switch statement which would be nested in the same block but it doesn’t look right and starts to get a bit messy.

I’ve attached a screenshot which should make it a lot clearer than my explanation!

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Richard Gill

Hi @albioncircus , glad you’re liking DatoCMS!

Any time you see a child array, you have to map through it too. So it’d be something like this:

switch (parentItem._modelApiKey) {
  case "menu_dropdown":
    return (
        <a href="example">{parentItem.title}</a>
          { => (

You don’t actually need a switch() for the children beacuse they all have the same type, menu_item. The switch is used to differentiate between cases (it’s just a shorthand to save you the trouble of writing a bunch of if statements). What you need here is just a way to iterate through a child array again (using

Hope that helps!

Works perfectly! Thanks Roger

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