About the DatoCMS Community Forum

Welcome to the DatoCMS Community! This forum is a place for DatoCMS staff and users to help each other.

Forum Categories

  • Support is the best way to get help from us for non-urgent questions, especially for more complex situations. It is still monitored daily by DatoCMS staff, and allows better code formatting, links, and screenshots than email support. But if you have an urgent question or prefer email, you can always reach us at support@datocms.com.

  • Feature Requests is the place to submit new ideas for things you’d like to see in DatoCMS. Please vote on the features you’d most like to see – that lets us know what to prioritize.

  • Community is for everything else: Want to show off your latest project? Talk about off-topic things? Get to know other Dato users? That’s the place.