A/B testing

My marketing team would like to be able to some a/b testing to test performance of different variants of our landing pages. Typical things that they want to test: different versions of titles, positioning of buttons, etc.

Is there built-in support in DatoCMS for this? Or a recommended way of doing it?


Hey @alexis thank you very much for posting here :slight_smile:

The A/B testing is not built-in in DatoCMS, but there a couple of solutions that I would do:

  1. the easiest is to duplicate the project and do some content testing
  2. add two options of the same fields in a model, deploy on two different deployment environments and on the frontend, depending on the environment, you can show one or the other field

The first option could be easier to implement as you don’t need to change the code of your frontend, but it can be more expensive.

The second option it’s probably easier to manage on DatoCMS but offloads the complexity in the fronted.

If you have more questions feel free to ask.

Netlify offer Split Testing. Configure different branch and publish on them with DatoCMS? But we still use Google Optimize.

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