500 Internal Server Error

I have a Gatsby site that is using gatsby-source-datocms to pull in content and is deployed to Netlify. Yesterday afternoon our builds began failing both locally and on Netlify.

In digging into it, it seems the issue lies in making a request to https://site-api.datocms.com/uploads?filter[type]=used&page[limit]=100 within the datocms-client library.

Oddly enough, changing used to Used (i.e. https://site-api.datocms.com/uploads?filter[type]=Used&page[limit]=100) gets me a result when running in a request app like Postman, while leaving it as is continues to result in a 500 error.

We are using gatsby-source-datocms @ v2.0.2 and datocms-client @ v0.8.15. We would like to avoid upgrading the source plugin because there are breaking changes.

Since our production builds were broken, it seemed like the best course of action was to at least attempt the upgrade and fix breaking changes. That did it for me. Now running gatsby-source-datocms@2.5.7 and datocms-client@3.1.3.

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