Workflow Stage Ordering

When i add the workflow stages, I added them in the order that I wanted the stages to flow through.

When I finish save and reload everything is resorted in alphabetical order which is definately what I would expect it to do.

It would be great if i could drage the stages into the order i wanted them, and for that order to be honoured in the drop down menu and json order.


2021-12-17 10.27.54

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Brilliant, thanks.

I have some thoughts about the permissions as well. Currently you have to go j to the permissions section and manually apply each and every rule. Which is a bit tedious and also a bit confusing. If you had anything more complex, you could easily get confused.

I was wondering if each stage could instead list the role that could set it instead.

You could then on saving, or applying stage role permissions , loop through the stages and update the role permissions automatically.

Another though I had, was that each stage could specify which stages that could be set when it’s currently applied. Basically some form of flow control.

Of course it then gets a bit more complicated.

And of course finally, we’d have a node editor to manage the flow.:smirk: