Uploads via createUpload is crazy slow


I’m so sorry I missed this (and your other thread, which I’ll dig back into momentarily!). I was out sick for a bit and they completely fell through the cracks… my apologies there!

To clarify this situation, when you specify a remote URL, we do not actually fetch it from that remote URL directly to our servers. The JS client actually downloads it to a temp file on your own computer, and then reuploads it DatoCMS over your connection. So the “transfer” speed will be bottlenecked by your home internet’s upload speed. I know this is not ideal :frowning: I was surprised when I first discovered that too.

I think @nroth’s feature request is a good one: Native Upload from Image URL Support

In the meantime, I think the only way you could speed it up is by using some other server (or maybe a serverless function) in the middle, with its own fast internet connection, that will download a remote image, cache it locally (in memory or on disk) and then reupload it to Dato. Yeah, it’s a pain, sorry about that :frowning: I would also like to see a server-to-server fetch where you can just provide a URL and our servers grab it directly. That would be much simpler for all involved. I hope that feature request gets some traction!