Turn off auto webp formatting with gatsby-source-datocms with gatsby-image

When using gatsby-source-datocms with gatsby-image it appears that it will serve webp images automatically if there is browser support. I have run into an instance where my source image (png) is smaller than the equivalent webp image. Is there a way to not serve webp for this use case?

I’ve found a few places where this subject is discussed:
Google dev


I’m not exactly sure what you are doing, but if you simply pull information from Gatsby we don’t do any webp auto formatting.

In your case, I’ve tried this

  datoCmsFrontPage {
    pandaLogo {

and I get the PNG back.

If you cannot figure it out I might need access to your repo. Feel free to contact me either here via private messages or at https://www.datocms.com/support

Sorry, I looked a bit more and you are right it’s our plugin: https://github.com/datocms/gatsby-source-datocms/blob/4dc24c5eff40103df8d3dc1cc0374e5574b60ada/CHANGELOG.md#v210

I’ll turn this into a feature request.

Summary: would be good to have the option of using the automatic conversion of images or not when using gatsby-image and our gatsby-source-plugin

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I’m going to bump this. I’m trying to query for an image as a png with width and height parameters, and the auto=format option is always in the url, even if I provide my own value.

Fixed in this release. Thanks team!

Release v2.5.13 · datocms/gatsby-source-datocms (github.com)

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