Tie published state to a workflow status

I’m still looking at the workflow feature.

A question I have is is it possible to bind the publish status to a workflow status.

Such that if the current workflow status is “ready to publish”, that the next workflow status is “publish” and additionally publishs the record.

I have a scenario where the status order is something like

  • (unpublished) Preparing
  • (unpublished) Awaiting approval
  • (unpublished) Approved
  • (published) Announced
  • (published) Ticketed
  • (published) Ongoing
  • (published) Finished
  • (unpublished) Archived

And want the publish status to be applied and removed depending on the workflow status.

Is that possible?

hey @emile.swain this is not possible automatically, but you can add a webhook that does what you want. You can trigger a webhook on workflow stage change and then you change the status of the record with a little API call on your side.

Makes sense?

Yep, sure does. Thanks.

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