Support rel="nofollow" and target="_blank" in your markdown

Being able to use target="_blank" or rel=“nofollow” on a link are very important. Many markdown parsers support the following format. You should too.


hi @jp!

Are you talking about the HTML representation of the text field in graphql when using markdown: true ?

Yes. I have an input field that takes markdown as input. Sometimes we link to sponsors from with this field. We should be able to flag these as nofollow or sponsored

This is the recommendation of google…

This is my input, how I’m querying and what comes out…

hi @jp

at the moment that markdown extension is not supported, but you can write plain HTML tags inside the markdown editor and it will work.

Let’s keep this feature request open, so the team can evaluate it in the future!

Cool. That certainly works for now. Thanks for the response.

Would definitely like markdown attributes support. Not sure which MD codebase your using, but it would be pretty helpful to have something equivalent to: markdown-it-attrs. This would offer quite a bit fo flexibility and consistency when consuming GQL from multiple clients.

It would certainly be understandable to have some security limitations here, using allowedAttrbutes internally, in Dato GQL, if needed.