Support Cloudflare Pages Build Status Webhook Notifications

There is no way to customise payloads from Cloudflare Pages webhooks. It would be useful if DatoCMS could parse standard Cloudflare Webhooks to update build statuses.

Here’s an example of a Cloudflare webhook.

  "name": "Webhook Test",
  "text": "\n⚡️ Cloudflare Pages: A production deployment has started for Project Name ⚡️\n\nBuild Link: Name/11111111111\nCommit Hash: b2c77bd4590bdcb0cb4849ced0b9cd08a64963f482d0c0f5d5b3757b730bee15\nEnvironment: ENVIRONMENT_PRODUCTION\nTimestamp: 2022-10-27T06:00:22Z\n\n\n",
  "data": {
    "alert_name": "pages_event_alert",
    "account_tag": "xxx",
    "project_id": "11111111111",
    "deployment_id": "11111111111",
    "project_name": "Project Name",
    "environment": "ENVIRONMENT_PRODUCTION",
    "commit_hash": "xxx",
    "custom_domain": "",
    "pages_dev_url": "",
    "branch_alias_url": "",
    "preview_url": "",
    "timestamp": "2022-10-27T06:00:22Z"
  "ts": 1681832973,
  "account_id": "xxx",
  "policy_id": "xxx",
  "alert_type": "pages_event_alert"