Specify the language when creating an entity


For now when an entity is created, the first supported language is selected. It would be great to be able to select a language when creating an entity : “Create this entity in es-ES”

@developpement couldn’t you add another locale and delete the first one? Normally one has a “main” language, so pre-creating the first locale makes sense to me most of the time?

What’s your use case for this?

Our situation is that we have several editors with different mother tongues. datocms however has only one global main language.

The usecase where a per-item main language makes sense are translation plugins (yandex and deepl). They translate from the global main-language to the other languages. If we have three languages, English, Italian, German, then the first language (English) is the main language in dato.
So the plugins always translate from English to other languages. To have an original text in italian or german which should be translated is not intended and therefore not possible.

One possibility for us would be to select the original language with a dropdown in the content, then to give the translation plugin not the main-lang from dato, but the selected original language.
… or datoCMS will be extended and offers the possibility to select the original language already when creating a new item :slight_smile:

i choose the plugin way to fix our problems :slight_smile:

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