Sort record picker for Links field

A Links field can be set to allow selecting links from one or more models.

When the editor clicks on the dropdown to select a link, they are presented with a list of all records across all valid models, intermixed, in what appears to be a random order (I couldn’t work out the order).

Please could you add Presentation options to sort and/or group the items that appear in this dropdown?

Options could be:

  • Group by: Model, Field, None
  • Sort by: Title, Created, Updated, Field, ID

In addition where Model is the sort key, the models should be presented in the same order that they are specified in the Field’s validation options. So if I specify that this Link Field can take models Orange and Apple, then the records should be grouped with Orange records first, and Apple records second.

The result of this feature will be a simpler and easier record-picker for editors. It will allow the admin to set the picker up so that the most likely records that they will want to use appear at the top.