Slug field with link out to published version


It would be an awesome little QOL uplift if the slug field included a button/link out to the expected url based on the prefix and slug, maybe next to the Refresh button? e.g.:

We have the ability to add buttons in the sidebar, which would do the job, but it would be nice if it was right there for editors to be able to view the published versions of their posts.

Iโ€™m told because of the search functionality of Dato (:tada:) editors use Dato to search for previously published content, but they then need to construct the url for the published versions themselves.

Thatโ€™s a great idea, @hannah.

Letโ€™s leave this feature request, but in the meantime, if you want that functionality sooner than the devs can add it, you can write a pretty simple Field Extension plugin yourself (Field extensions โ€” DatoCMS) with a button that does what you want. (Or you could consider a Form outlet at the top of the record, which would maybe be more visible and not dependent on a particular slug field.)