Side-by-side view for translators

Hi there. The new translator roles are perfect, big thumbs up for this release. It is great that now we can assign language specific roles for our translators.

I have one feature request that would be very useful for translators. Now the translator needs to switch tabs between default language and selected locale to see text that he needs to translate. If all field values would be copied to newly added language, then the switching is not needed anymore for a translator to see which text he needs to translate. I see this to be solved in three ways, each would work greatly:

  1. Place a button next to the fields “Copy value from default language”. This would simply copy the value from default locale language into selected locale. Translator would then just translate this.

  2. When adding a new locale like shown in the video here Translator roles: step up your content translation game, copy the existing values from the default locale (e.g. English) to the added language.

  3. Have a side-by-side view for translators (default locale, vs. locale he is translating into). For example, something like this (quick Photoshop mockup):