Showcase: Better Linking - Plugin


I would like to introduce my new “Better Linking” plugin to the DatoCMS community. This plugin is designed to help users easily create links to records, assets, URLs, emails, or telephone numbers and manage the button/link classes efficiently.

I developed this plugin because I found the default Dato Link field too limited in its options. Adding extra fields such as custom text, target, and classes became confusing and took up a lot of space. To address this, I combined all these fields into a single JSON field plugin and added rendering controls and layout styling to make it more user-friendly and easier to use.

If you have encountered similar issues or are curious to try it out, you can find the plugin in the DatoCMS marketplace:


I was looking for a plugin like this for a while :+1:

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Super cool! Thank you @ColinDorr!

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This is amazing! :star_struck:

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Hi @ColinDorr - This is excellent, and super useful.

I’ve run into something while testing and wonder if you might have some insight! I don’t seem to get all the model options available in the “Allowed Records” drop-down. Is there something about the models I’m missing that makes them visible to the plugin?

For example, running the Marketing Site demo content, Pages, Authors, Blog Posts, etc … none of them appear as options to include in “Allowed Records”.

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Hi @robin.jessome,
I’m glad to hear that you find this plugin useful. Thank you for the clear description of the issue, which helped me reproduce it easily.

I have made a fix for the issue that allows you to select all the models. I have tested it in the Marketing Site demo environment to ensure everything works as expected.
Additionally, I have added a new field to allow custom aria-labels separate from the already available custom-text field.

If you go to your cms and click on the plugin, there should be a link to update to V0.2.0. All the already filled in data should remain, but if you want to also use the new aria-label, you might need to change the plugin and field settings.

Hope this solves your issue. If you still have the issue or if you find anything else, please let me know and i will look at it.


@ColinDorr - Thank you for such a quick response! It works now!