Settings section for pre-defined global lists/enums

So I want to be able to add dropdown field that allows the user to select from a predefined list of values (enums).

I’m curretly using the workaround where you create a model for the enums, and then a link or modular field that lets the user select the values.

The issue is, that the model just feels wrong. I also don’t want anyone other than developers to be able to edit those values as they’re matched within code to determine behaviour.

Also I have to edit the content editor side bar, to hide those sections and i’d rather those enum models are simply not visible by default.

I know i can setup access rules and so forthe, but i feel that being able to setup a bunch of predefined lists/enums is something deserving of its own space within the settings area.

A section where we can configure lists of strings/enums/pairs whatever, that can be used within dropdowns and multi selects. Seperate from the typical model system.

@emile.swain have you seen this:

is this what you need? It’s a custom presentation of the singl-line string

Yes, but i don’t want to have to do that for every single field and model that uses the same options.
Enums are supposed to help reduce errors not increase the opportunity to make them :wink: