Set the colour/color of text in structured text fields

A limitation our project currently experiences is that we are unable to set the colour of text when entered in a structured text field.

The behaviour should be similar to highlighting/bold/etc when selecting what text is coloured.

Colours for that field should be configurable with a list of hex values.

Our use-case is that we have long-form content used to generate PDF documents. Structured text gives us great flexibility within the constraints offered by DatoCMS. However, this absent formatting option is causing headaches and additional block type creation to just inform the colour of a few characters.

This makes sense. We’ll probably introduce some custom marks to handle this case, if there’s enough demand!


I am evaluating DatoCMS for our website right now, and see this as a blocker for us. We would be coming from ContentStack, where we maintain a custom Rich Text editor based on megadraft. In that editor we have a lot of custom tools, and being able to set text color is one of them that gets used a lot. If we move to Dato, we would aim to drop the custom editor, but I think we would need this feature to be able to do so.