SEO Preferences - hide some fields

We usually don’t want content editors to be able to edit their favicon, and never want them to set noindex on the full site.

If we are not using the provided favicon field for a project, it is confusing showing the field to content editors when it does nothing.

Can we have the option to hide these fields from certain roles, or even completely?

Hey @jess,

In your Project settings, under Roles, you should be able to change this on a per-role basis:

Would that work for you?

Hi Roger,

We want to allow editing the global SEO settings, but NOT the favicon. The favicon is often hardcoded, as it’s usually a designed element to match the rest of the site designs. We don’t want it to be content editable (or to look like it is content editable) for many of our sites.

If these permissions were broken down further that would solve the issue for us.

Cheers :smile:

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Ah, thanks for the clarification! I’ll ask the devs if this can be rolled into some upcoming SEO work, but let’s also leave this feature request in case it doesn’t make it into that batch.

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They confirmed that will have to be a separate release later, unfortunately :frowning: Let’s leave this feature request here. Please remember to vote on it (top of the page):