SEO keywords support

Right now SEO keywords are not supported, neither in the “Global SEO settings” or in the “SEO” field type. This is an important feature as the keywords are a big part of the SEO nowadays, especially for blog posts.
Do you have any plans on adding this anytime soon?

Keywords? As in <meta name="keywords">?

Yes. Like I said, for people that use DatoCMS for managing a blog it would be good to have different keywords depending on the blog post, and it would be nice to manage it directly on DatoCMS.

Thank you for the suggestion! And welcome to Community @joao.peixoto :slight_smile:

We don’t have plans right now, but we’ll surely consider this in the coming iterations.

@joao.peixoto As far as I know Google doesn’t crawl this meta anymore, as considered unrelevant. I’ve heard that only Yandex cares about it.

@david.bismut Thanks for pointing that out, I was not aware of that. I guess this feature request becomes kind of irrelevant then.