Seeing and editing all modular fields

Sometimes after a project has been running for a while, unused modular fields get accumulated.

Sometimes the names of the unused modular fields are applicable for naming new fields which are not modular fields, but those names are locked by the modular field (naming things simply and comprehensible is important).

So finding and editing a modular field was the next step here. I had to hunt through all the models to find and rename old modular fields — there was no place to view all these at once. And once found, there was actually no way to delete these unused modular fields.

Having a list of all modular fields and showing where they’re currently in use could be a good feature?

Yes @callum that is a good feature for sure. I’m going to convert this in a feature requets.

Meanwhile, you can use “pick existing” modular block when adding a new block to see all the blocks that you have available.

Then if you remove a block from a modular content, and it’s the last usage of the block you have the option of deleting the block altogether. Not perfect, but it does the job :slight_smile:

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Thanks @mat_jack1 - yes, I see both the available modular content blocks and I get a delete modal when I remove a block from a modular content field — just a little difficult to follow those steps.

All good tho, I know yr working through things. Still heart Dato :wink:

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