Save invalid records as drafts

When working with a record early in a feature I may have some but not all required information available, meaning I want to enter what I can and save my changes until I have the rest.

I would like some way to be able to fill a record, without filling all required fields, and being able to save my input as an early draft.

Is this already possible somehow? It feels like a pretty normal use case, which many of our internal Dato editors have asked me about.

Thanks for the suggestion, @emil.hernqvist! I don’t think that is currently possible, but that makes a lot of sense.

As a flawed workaround, you can turn off the “required” validations and use the draft/publish system to keep works-in-progress hidden until they’re ready (published). That way you can still save records while working on them, just don’t publish them until they’re completely done.

If your plan allows it, you can also implement Workflows for custom publishing pipelines (or set up something sort of like that using a custom field that stores readiness states). But your

But I see your point here, that allowing saving (while marking the record invalid) would make it easier to see which ones are “done”, while still letting you save work as you go. Let’s leave this feature request here and hope it gets some traction!

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Thanks for the reply.

We are using draft/publish, but it would be simple (in my mind at least) to have an option on Models to allow saving invalid records, but disallow publishing them.

Nice that it makes sense, in any case! Hope it gets traction :tada:

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