Remove infinite scroll in favour of pagination

When updating record all records list refreshed, if
record is at the bottom, then I have to scroll all records (with all
intermediate data loading) to get to the next record after that I was

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This is the number one complaint from our data editors at the moment!

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This is due to (the infamous) infinite scroll pattern. We’re going to get rid of it in DatoCMS in favour of pagination. Renaming the issue.

Infinite scroll is a bummer in a content management system, heck everywhere actually :slight_smile:

  • bump for more visibility to change inf scrolling into pagination.

yes, @simon, this is happening already! We are already implementing this in our media area and push it everywhere else soon. So this is coming in the next few weeks, hopefully!! :slight_smile:

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Together with the new media area we removed the infinite scroll in favour of pagination everywhere across the UI!

We prefer it and we hope you too!

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