Remove external link icon in certain menu items

:wave: In the Content tab’s sidebar menu, would it be possible if menu items that are pointed to external links and have the Open in new tab toggled off didn’t include the external link icon?

My team uses that option as a way to link directly to a specific Dato record within a collection so it has the same feel as other menu items that are pointed to a singular model.


Hi @pamela.bortnick,

I think this is a great feature suggestion! However, the devs always have a bunch of things on their plates, and they usually go through feature suggestions based by popularity, so it can take a while for any single request to be considered/implemented.

In the meantime, may I share a workaround that might let you do something similar, sooner?

You can search for a specific record ID (or any other filter criteria you want to use), save that filter, and then link to that filter directly. That way it’ll show up like any other link, not an external one. Video below:

Would that kinda work?

Thanks for the reply! That is an option we considered as well. We are okay with the external link icon for now! :smiling_face: :