Relative Date Filtering

We write a lot of small pieces of content and often need to look at the past N days of content so we aren’t overwhelmed.

We are very much missing the ability to created a saved filter with relative date filtering. For example, we could have a filter for “Content Published in the Last 7 Days” in the sidebar.

This is a common functionality provided by other major headless CMS options. We were evaluated Directus and they provided it. I came across a similar feature request here that is very old and would like to highlight the importance of this kind of feature for content production.

Agreed. This would be a very valuable feature. Here is another non-hypothetical use case. Content Model of Events. We want to created two saved filters and create menu items for them:

  1. Upcoming Events (where event_date >= NOW)
  2. Past Events (where event_date < NOW)

Just had another need for this pop up that was essentially the same as @nroth’s original example: content last X days.