Record permissions

Is it possible to have a ruleset in content permissions that states something like

The idea would be to have an admin assigning specific records to a role, and that role could only edit does record.

Hey @ivo,

Our Workflows feature (Enterprise only) allows you to set up workflows like that.

Once set up, editors (or whatever custom roles you define) will be able to edit assigned records, but not the unassigned ones:

In the Workflows permissions UI, that setup would look something like this:

It’s pretty customizable, so you can tailor it to your specific workflow needs. If this is of interest to you, please reach out to us and we can discuss the details?

Does that help?

Hi @roger!
Thanks for your kind support.
Indeed, this options helps in part of the problem. I can prevent editors from edit content info but, can I also prevent them from seeing the info among them ?

For example, I don’t want editor 1 to see content assigned to editor 2. As an admin, I want to assign records individually to my editors, and they will only have visual access to the records I assigned to them.

For what I understood, this workflow will allow all editors to see editor info, right ?


Yes, unfortunately that’s true :frowning: We don’t really have an “assignment” system in the current system per se.

You can sort of fake it by creating a bunch of different roles & workflow stages, but I think that would become a management nightmare pretty quickly if you have more than 2-3 editors. I think a proper assignment system would be nice. Let’s leave this feature request here then.

Thanks for clarifying :slight_smile:

Side note: Just another idea for a temporary workaround in the meantime, though… is this a security/privacy situation, where it’s bad if the editors can see each other’s work? Or is it just for convenience (so they don’t accidentally work on each other’s stuff?)

Workaround idea (click to expand)

If it’s just for ease of use and not security, maybe you can use a drop-down field as a “tag” system?

Then you can make custom saved filters and menu entries for each editor:

This is really not an ideal system, just maybe a temporary workaround until this feature request can be planned and implemented.

Unfortunately, yes, editors can’t see each other work. That’s a non-negotiable feature.
Let’s keep this feature open, like you said, hopefully it will be implemented in the future.

Thanks for the workaround tho, :slight_smile: it would definitely work if this was a convenience problem!

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