Read only access for Primary environments modal & blocks data structure

When working in a development team that only uses migrations to update the data structures, it does make sense to make the primary environment data structures read only.
This way, there won’t be any possibility to update the primary environment by accident and potentially break production for that matter.
It could be necessary however to be able to edit the copy of the primary environment.

Here’s a visual overview of what I’m trying to achieve:

Primary environment permissions
:x: Add/Edit/Delete models/blocks
:white_check_mark: Add/Edit/Delete content

Sandbox environment permissions
:white_check_mark: Add/Edit/Delete models/blocks
:white_check_mark: Add/Edit/Delete content

hey @thomas.verleye maybe you can remove this permission from your editors?

is this too much?

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oh right, you would like this only on the primary env, sorry. We don’t have this at the moment, let’s keep the feature request open

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I would really like to have this feature for our projects too — to be able to forbid model editing in the primary environment for everyone on the project, including admins.

It’s easy to overlook the “current environment” banner, especially when iterating in small chunks to auto-generate focused migrations

I’d love this as a feature - I’d like to be able to have developers be able to add/edit models within sandbox environments, so they can then generate migrations for those, but not be able to do the same in the primary environment. They should still have view access, and normal content editing permissions to the primary environment. That doesn’t seem to be possible with the current rules, where access/editing and ‘perform operations’ seem to be tied together - is that correct?

HI Hannah, they actually shipped this few months ago :fire:

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