Queued relationships

This will probably end up as a feature request but wanted to see what the brains trust could come up with first :slightly_smiling_face:

Use case example:

On our homepage we have a list of promotional items that link to current events. We know in advance the full editorial schedule for the next few months so know exactly when events will be published and others unpublished.

However, because of the way DatoCMS enforces Draft/Publish relationships I cannot work out a way to ‘queue up’ the future relationships and still let us Publish other changes on the homepage in the meantime.

Our previous CMS, Django, didn’t care if related records were Draft or not and would only display those records that were Published, meaning we could have lots of relationships set up that would be Published on a schedule without issue.

If there was a way to schedule a relationship (in a similar manner to scheduling a Publish) that would be ideal, as we could schedule the relationship, followed by the Publish.

Any other ideas how we could accomplish this?

Hello @jaysmith

Unfortunately that is not possible without updating the field value of the parent record as well (when the linked record got published, the value of the link field would go from empty, to the ID value of the published record)

So, one way to set that up would be to create a plugin that schedules that link field value update after the scheduled publication of the event record, using the CMA.

Thanks @m.finamor

I thought as much. Would be great to turn this into a feature request.


Hey @jaysmith have you considered instead adding a link (or another field like a boolean) from the events?

So that you can schedule the publication of the events independently from the homepage.

If you use the links you can then see the events in the “Links” section in the right sidebar, or otherwise you can have a plugin that shows you the events that have some boolean to show them in the homepage?

Not sure if that works for you, just a couple ideas I wanted to share :slight_smile:

Oh, that’s an interesting idea!

In fact, I don’t even need to link them to the Homepage. We already have a model called Homepage Item and we can build the actual homepage using a combination of our Homepage single record and the queue of Homepage Items.

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