Provide more aspect ratio options

The ability to require a certain aspect ratio when choosing an image for a Media field is super handy, but the workflow for ensuring the uploaded image complies with the constraint is challenging because the required ratio doesn’t appear as an option within the Image Editor.

The “Aspect Ratio” constraint in the image editor provides several settings but doesn’t include common aspect ratios like 16:9 and doesn’t include arbitrary aspect ratios that might be defined for a specific Media field.

One option would be to have a project-level setting that provides values for this “Aspect Ratio” button within the Image Editor.

OR… an option to “scan” all aspect ratio constraints used across the Schema and add these to the list.

OR… when entering the Image Editor while editing a record, the only Aspect Ratio on the list would be one that matches the constraint for the field being edited.

Or perhaps some combination of these?

In looking more at this, I’m wondering if I have the mental model incorrect.

Would we be better off uploading a “normal” aspect ratio image at a high resolution (e.g. minimum file size or minimum resolution) and then using the focal point and dynamic image sizing mechanism to get the image in the aspect ratio we require, rather than forcing the content editors to provide exact image dimensions and/or aspect ratios?