Programatically set a localised field to incomplete via plugins

This is a feature request but specific for plugins.

I am building a plugin where I store key/value pairs. The values need to be localised but the keys need to be the same across localisations.

I am using a JSON field to store the key/value pairs and all is going well, I need to do some magic like when a key is provided, store it in all available locales but that is working fine.

What I would like to do, however, is mark a specific locale as ‘not filled in’, with the red dots next to the locale tab, EVEN when part of the JSON is provided. So a plugin method or something like that.

Kind regards,
^ Peter

Thank you for this @devoorhoede

I’ll move it to the feature requests, so that we can organise, vote and track the progress for them.

Not sure when we can do this, but we want to add more functionalities to the plugins, and surely adding validations is one of the things that we would like to.

I think that the underlying request here is being able to specify custom validations to fields, what do you think @devoorhoede?

We have another topic for this: Custom validation

@s.verna As I understand it, that would be a more generic solution indeed. I was not aware of that topic.
What I want to do is let the user know a field needs attention (in a specified locale) but from the Dato interface. After all, my plugin might be below the fold.