Possibility to prevent field editing depending on permissions

It would be great to have an option to hide slug fields from editors. For most sites, my editors have no need to manually edit model slug fields, they can be generated from article titles or category names automatically.

I can generate slugs from titles/names on the client site of course outside of Dato, but aside from adding more client code, the nature of the GraphqQL query API often means a lot of duplicate data (which is fine, you can use fragments and so on). This means decorating the incoming data from Dato in lots of different places to generate slugs.

It would be better for me to have slug fields inside Dato, just not accessible to editors.

Another UI aspect to this is that the slug field always shows a URL, which is useful for eg. article slugs, but confusing for editors for models which have no direct URL on the site and Iā€™m just using the slug field to get a clean identifier for that model.