Possibility to choose from Aliases/Slugs being case insensitive/sensitive

I would like to see the possibility to make Aliases case insensitive.
We do have website visitors, which write slugs and aliases with capital and lower letters mixed.
For example the Alias /welcome → we have users writing /Welcome, /WElcome or /welcomE
Those visitors get a 404, because the URL/Alias does not exist and therefore was not found by the system.
In some case sensitive might me good in some cases, but in the major amount of times it’s annoying for the user.
This is, why I’d like to see the possibility to choose, between case sensitive and case insensitive.

Wouldn’t an ideal solution be that you normalize the paths, before requesting data based on a slug? URL’s are case insensitive, so you should handle it as such.


What dsc said, except that URLs don’t have to be case-sensitive if you don’t want them to be. It can be a webserver config thing (like some Windows hosts not being case-sensitive, or using mod_speling for Apache). If you’re using Next.js or similar, you might have to do a global regex rewrite instead or similar.

So basically, let your webserver/serverless config normalize all URLs to lowercase before requesting anything from Dato.