Poll: What would you like to see more & better documentation on?

Hey, DatoCMS Community! Over the next few months, we’ll be updating and expanding our documentation, adding new pages, more examples, etc. We’ll try to address common questions, provide code samples, add graphics, and generally try to improve clarity across the board.

But we have a question for you too!

What would YOU like to see more documentation on?

  • Is there any particular page or topic you find confusing? Any particular operation, or endpoint, or framework, or missing example… anything that comes to mind?

  • Or, is there anything about the documentation format itself you’d like to see improve? What would make your work easier?

Please feel free to answer any of these polls (1-3 per category) and/or post a reply to let us know!

Would you like to see user-specific documentation for any of these:

  • Content editors (creating/editing records and media on your admin website)
  • Project admins (a non-developer editing schema, etc. on your admin website)
  • Billing admins (someone in charge of updating billing, ownership, seats, etc.)
  • Developers (SDKs, APIs, etc.)
  • Other (please specify in reply)
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What about specific workflows?

  • Using images uploaded to DatoCMS (media library, Imgix params, responsive images, etc.)
  • Using an external image library (like a DAMS)
  • Using videos uploaded to DatoCMS (media library, Mux params, streamingURL and HLS, etc.)
  • Using external videos (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.)
  • Creating DatoCMS plugins
  • Localization
  • Site search
  • Environments & migrations
  • Other (please specify in reply)
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(For developers) Any APIs you want more documentation on?

  • Content Delivery GraphQL API (fetching, paginating, filtering, inverse relationships, etc.)
  • Content Management REST API (record creation, updates, deletions, publication, etc.)
  • Real-time Updates API & Server-Sent Events
  • Other (please specify in reply)
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(For developers) Any specific frameworks?

  • Next.js & React
  • Nuxt & Vue.js
  • Svelte
  • Astro
  • Remix
  • Angular
  • .NET
  • Other (please specify in reply)
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Please feel free to just post a reply with whatever you want to mention too.

Thank you all! :heart:


I would love examples to show more complex use cases.

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Yep, the examples are something we are working on overhauling! We’ll add a bunch whenever we can think of them.

But were there any in particular you were thinking of? What sorts of use cases?

Hi Roger, how to use the Image component and optimise sizing across responsive layouts, and how to optimise filtering records when you need to use pagination and you hit the rate limit. I did find a couple of answers in the forum, but not so much help in the docs.

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You have docs on environments and migrations but I’d like some more details on the bigger picture workflow that includes git branches, testing, deployment etc.

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Thank you both! We’ll work on those as soon as we can.