Plugin: Copy text across languages (structured text)

I think when I create a new locale of an article, dato cms should copy the contents from the main locale.

However, as dato doesn’t do above by default, we opted to create a field-addon plugin inspired by ‘yandex translate’ plugin. But we can’t attach field-addon to the stuctured text field which is the main content of the article and that’s a huge bummer. How can we copy content accross languages for structured text field?


structured text fields allows copy/paste, so you could try to select all content from the source field, copy it, and then paste it in the destination field :slight_smile:

Copy pasting a long article - doesn’t make sense. That’s why we are creating that plugin.

Copy pasting a long article - doesn’t make sense

May I ask why? Wouldn’t the plugin copy and paste the same article anyway? :thinking:

You can copy all of the structured text (even blocks!) with one click only :slight_smile:

this doesn’t look like one click only.

and using plugin, you can copy to all languages with just one click. what’s the idea behind not supporting field-addons for structured text field?

Hey @rislam, it’s not that we don’t want to support plugins for Structured Text, but we’re not ready yet. We need to perform some changes to our code base first.

More specific to your issue, we already support the “Copy across languages” for Modular Content fields:

And we’re soon going to support it for Structured Text, so you actually won’t need a plugin for this.

Modular content field implementation looks pretty good. it would be great to know - any approximate ETA for structured text field?

1-2 months probabily (we might give an higher priority depending on the number of requests we get in the meantime)

great, thanks